Janky Stone Tunnel Door Animation

It would be nice if the stone tunnel door animation looked like it was rotating on hinges or not doing this.


Is this what it is supposed to look like? I can’t imagine a hearthling fitting through.

I suppose it is a common problem with all double doors. @malley could you please look into it?


Thanks for posting, and @MelOzone thanks for flagging me : ).

This is fixed (or will be whenever it goes out), but what I don’t get is that these models haven’t changed in two years (which is before I was hired : /) - and I’ve definitely looked at these before and they were working. The models were set up incorrectly, but that means they have been ‘incorrectly working properly’ since they were made : ). Max has been doing some animation stuff overall and probably fixed some random bug relating to other stuff - and these doors stopped “working” when the bug they were relying on went away.