[solved] Animation in Blender fine, but messed in SH

Hello dearest animators, modders and modelers,

once again I need the guidance of the swarm. I made another model & animation for a drawbridge. The result in Blender seemed quite good, but when I tested it in Stonehearth, the whole animation is messed up.

This is what it looked like in Blender:

And this comes out in Stonehearth:

I had my problems with Blender in the past, but I already got some other animations working. I kept in mind what went wrong the last times (especially the whole rotation Issue) so I can’t find any faults on my side.

Does anyone have a clue what might be the problem?

If you need more information you can find a link to all the files here (includes .smod and .blend files for testing purpose).

Thanks in advance :v:


That’s super cool! Hope you get it working.


It’s always the same… got the whole thing ready, encounter a problem, can’t find the reason for it, post it, find the problem, do everything over again because of a little thing that I forgot.

I used matrix names like “left_chain_end” instead of “leftChainEnd”. Beginners fault. I should take notes, what to keep in mind :weary:

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Here you go: [MOD] Fortify v0.3 [A24]
Thank you for your kind feedback.

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