Item Storage stockpiles/item containers

I think we need a “Sell” stockpile zone for when they add the gold system. Just another type of stockpile zone you can lay down for the express purpose of selling goods - along with excess good’s that can’t be added to a existing (full) stock pile. This will catch the overflow were a trader caravan will take it and give you gold/gems/items in exchange. The trader caravan can be triggered when this stock pile is full (or near full) to appear.
When the caravan trader comes: bring up a screen like in the video but also allow you to auto set some conditions - Auto exchange items for gold, or auto exchange items for stone ect,. This will cut down on a potential micro management issue as a bonus.

Would be nice if you could double/triple stack certain items on a zone - ex: when a worker places a wood block on top of another wood block you could change the current wood block voxel to a Log on its end slightly taller then a normal wood block. This way it’s just a switch of blocks - no new AI pathing - no new animations needed. There are certain items that this wouldn’t make sense with - saw/sword/armor/ clothes etc,. but these wouldn’t need to be stacked anyhow, most items like these are generally used/made as needed.

Ok I Lied! it would have something to do with AI path editing like knowing if the item is stackable type of thing lol.

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I think having craftable shelving or cupboards would be better than having automatically created racks and things.

I feel like the stockpiles take up way too much space and its impossible to use all the resources you gather at this stage of game development so stockpiles grow infinitely.

I propose a new storage system… CRATES! Crates can act just like stockpiles (You can store whatever you want in them or specialise certain crates to store certain things) but instead of 1 item taking up one block in the world, you could store 10’s or 100’s of items within one crate! Giving your hearthlings more space to chase bunnies, slay goblins, and build legendary cities. What do you guys think?

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So barrels? Yeah, would like to see that.


Sorry, I didn’t read all the posts in this thread, but here’s my current solution for multi-level storage:

Just make sure the “storeys” are at least 4 blocks high. You can also just make the whole thing with the slab tool, although I prefer to slap em against a rockwall.

Like I said, just my 2cents :smile:


Taking up too much space? Put them in the mines you never use.

Yeah barrels, crates, some other storage contraption…

Yeah but then you have guys constantly running back and forth to your mines to get stuff, I can see that becoming quite problematic once you start to hit end game

That is pretty cool! It’s a great solution for this stage of the game, ill have to give it a try!

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Hi there,

maybe there is a better way to store food and weapons in the inventory.

Maybe the Stockpile could be enhanced. For example:
A carpenter could craft crates to store many more food in crates instead of lay down one pumpkin on one field.

Another idea is to create shelves for some other stuff to store them in the shelves (crafted by the carpenter). Maybe a weapon rack which is 2*4 fields but can store 20 pikes or something like that. This would also look great in a castle. :smile:

Maybe the heartlings could also use multistore stockpiles. Which means if they need to store 100 wood, they won’t need to use 1010 fields to store the wood. They just create 55*4 cubes to store it as a cube inside the stockpile. Which will greatly reduce wasted space and it would be more intelligent instead of polluting the whole map with huge stockpiles. :wink:

These are just my thoughts, maybe you have some own or better ideas for this.

Best regards,

I would be very fond of the idea of the guys being able to have multiple layer stocks of one material. so that, as ionic mentioned, stone, wood etc. could be stocked in cubes of up to 5x5x5. With or without some piece of carpentry or a special zone.

Adding to the conversation of stockpiles; I think we need some kind of dedicated food stockpile. With the invention of bread my hearthlings still prefer to eat everything else like carrots and berries. While this is fine for now, I would rather they eat the more filling bread and use berries as a last resort.

So comes the idea of a dedicated food stockpile. I’m thinking of something like a refrigerator. Whatever you decide gets put into it and all your town (or from a radius) will take food from there first. If food buffs ever become a thing, this will also be an easier way to tell everyone to have priority on the buffed food.

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maybe you have said it already but I felt I didnt had the time to read…
but it should be more filters like tools only not workbenches and talismans,
talismans only if that is the same as tools ( Hammers, pickaxes etc.)

just had a tot somewhat related.

How about modeling some resources as … (pseudo) fluid…

e.g. instead of storing items in sacks, create a silo that is actually a small closed wall building has a hole on top to dump grain into, which will stack in cells.

and a special directional hatch (window/door like) below which can be interacted with (like crate) to extract one sack at a time (except that it doesn’t use virtual space like sack, but instead extract one item from behind the hatch)

Or take it to another level, sack of grains are items, but treat grains as a kind of fluid (like water). With a silo which must be a real hollow container, have a special “dumping” opening at the top, where hearthlings carry sacks of grains to, but converts it into fluid grain which flows below (like water accumulating in the hollow region). Another special “tap” opening which should be installed near buttom allows hearthlings to extract a fixed amount of fluid (behind the tap, if there is enough) to get back a sack of grain. Would be interesting if we can use that as a way to transport grain via an aqueduct like structure…

yeah… wild thoughts… probably not very practical, but sure sounds like fun…

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