Is this a good way to learn JSON?

I found this site and I’m wondering if this is a good way to learn JSON.

JSON is relatively simple and easy to grasp. I would suggest you just check out a library book to teach yourself.

similar to what @Dwalus suggested, there are a variety of free resources available online… however, I have heard good things about the udemy courses… :wink:

Depends on your learning style, for me no, I spent a year learning c/c++ and 2 years later I couldnt tell you the syntax for a if, then statement. Matlab I never received any formal training but I can write whole code groups without reference because I has a focus on learning specific things for specific reasons. Just something to think about that it might be easier to just start working with the .json files already in the game and learn that way than learning the abstract application of .json.

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json is javascript so is a free way to learn it

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Hm… I would not pay for it.

Actually JSON is “only” a data format, not a JavaScript dialect. It is linked to JavaScript, but you do not “code” with JSON. There is not that much to learn about and I am not even sure if it is formally standardized (apart from that it should be “readable”). If you want to learn about JSON only for Stonehearth, I would do it by reading some basics in free sources like Wiki and afterwards jump into the code used by Radiant.

Maybe some real coders can correct me if I am wrong here :wink:.


More of an HTML/PHP guy, but as far as I know this is correct. You would probably be better off just looking through Stonehearth .json files rather than pay money.

I think I’m going to pay for it and learn it that way. Just works better for me.

@Skull24… what do you want to learn?

Trying to learn how ti program for mods.

Before you spend money on a book or a course, please take at least look at two free resources for learning JSON. After that, if you still feel you want to pay for a book or course, then have at it. Best of luck. Here are the two I would suggest:


Thanks for the link. I don’t think this will help me. I need it to be explained in video form. It’s just the way I learn how to do things.

Here you go:

json tutorial for beginners learn how to program part 1 JavaScript


    "one": "property",
    "two" : 2,
    "pi" : 3.1415,
    "grass is green" : true,
    "cows go meow" : false,
    "five is four" : null,
    "the end is never" : {
      "the end is never" : {
        "the end is never" : {
          "the end is" : "loading"
    "arrays" : 
      "contain", "lots", "and lots", "and lots of things", "including", false, true, null, 1, 2, 3.1415 ],
    "objects" : {
      "key" : "value",
      "note" : "this whole thing is an object (see the { at the top and the } at the bottom"
    "innestation" : 
      { "key" : "one", "value" : 1 }, { "key" : "two", "value" : 2 }

My free, pretty-much-covering-it-all-there-is-about-JSON guide. If you pay $16 for a book that teaches you mainly what JSON is, you’re getting ripped of majorly. JSON isn’t the same as PHP, JavaScript or anything else; it’s on one level with YAML, probably a few levels under XML and just one above CSV, two above plain text files.


Thanks for the video, I found it a few days ago and I will try them out.

Thanks for the code.