What JSON library does SH use?

I was wondering what JSON libraries does team Radiant use for StoneHearth, and what you think about it.

Currently I’m in need of one for my own hobby game project for entity definition, resource configuration & all sorts of stuff. Previously I’ve used JsonCPP which was okay. I’ve also looked at a few others but they’re all appeared to be abandoned.

JSON is used all over the place in StoneHearth so I thought you guys might be happy/able to share something on this matter :stuck_out_tongue: My sincere apologies if this is the wrong place.

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If the strings aren’t lying, they’re using libjson in C++ and dkjson in lua.

And one of both, I assume dkjson, is horrible.

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@RepeatPan Ahh cheers!

What strings?

The ones in the executable. You’ll find Exceeding JSON_SECURITY_MAX_STRING_LENGTH, which seems to be part of libjson (and I think that should somewhat be unique enough as identifier). Also, of course, libjson::is_valid(txt).

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