Is there anyway to turn on/off "job" function for a specific combat party?

In the last few days, I tried A19 after a long while of not playing Stonehearth.
Firstly, I felt amazing because my game now can manage 40 and more people fluently! In alpha 14~15? on the same machine, I remember that my game was not playable when even 15~20 people in my game because of deadly lag and 100% lua.
It’s very nice work! Amazing!

Anyway, I brought 1 question here.

I satisfied with new combat party system and patrolling and defending, … anything.
But I don’t know how to turn on/off job function for a specific combat party by a 1 click.
Sometimes I turn off job function for my infantries, to make themselves pick up loots from away field just after a fighting.
It’s too dangerous to pick up loots away from camp with non-armed people.
Eventual regeneration of enemy can easily kill them, and I can not help them with time stopping or any effort because it’s too far from camp.

I’m tired of turning on/off by checking their name from the list of party.
(optional) Oh I also found a scrolling glitch in the people list too. When I click "[v] job " middle of list, scroll position goes wrong.
version - A19 stable

You can skip steps 1 and 2, just press “C” to open the Citizens menu. Or click that icon on the bottom where it shows the number 45 (hearthlings) next to town icon.

And I also have this bug, I clicked on a checkbox and the scroll jumped to a new position.

Thank you for reply!
Oh, I did not know about hotkey for Citizens menu… But I think still I have to remember their names…
I have 4 combat parties now and Citizens menu is not sorted by parties…

Yes, that’s actually a good idea for the team (@Sweet) to have other sorting orders.

Right now it is ordered alphabetically by job (archer, blacksmith, carpenter…)


Ah, it is alphabetically sorted… a helpful information.