Is there a way to edit entities' appearance in game?

I’m trying to customize citizen’s appearance but I have two problems.

1. How to specify “one_of” material?

For example male_1's materials look like this:

"material_maps": [
        "type": "one_of",
        "items": [

radiant.entities.create_entity('stonehearth:male_1') will create a white man with random hair color. How to create a man with platinum hair?

Is it possible to remove added entity component? Or do I have to destroy it and create a new one?

For example male_1 has multiple hair styles, including file(hair_1.qb) and file(hair_2.qb).
If I have already added hair style 1 with citizen:add_component('model_variants'):add_variant('default'):add_model('file(hair_1.qb)'), can I remove it and add hair_2.qb instead?