Adding new palette map on hair?

So I tried adding new palette maps on a hair I am working on, which would be a decor/accessory like a hair clip or a scrunchie for a ponytail. What I’m aiming for is to emulate how the eyes are random each roll and that when this hair is selected, it gets a random roll for this palette, while still keeping the proper hair color. I then worked on making the JSON files for the material map and edited the hair color map and added new lines for this, but sadly while the game can read the whole stuff, the palette just doesn’t seem to switch.

All I’ve modified are the male_1, male_customizations,hair_color_map, and added new material json files since I’d want to properly implement it first before I try making another for the females.

Uhm, that is kinda hard to do, there are all this little details that you need to take into account.

Not sure if you have already, but we do have a guide, and i think this is the most relevant page for what you are doing: Adding customizations

Ok I’ve read up on the article and also read on the Colors and material maps article.

What I think is that I add another category on the customization file but maybe that would mean I have to separate the decoration from the hair file itself. I guess I’ll try adding another style under the hair_color category and see if that works along with using mixinto on the hair_color_map to add the required palette for swapping colors.