Is there a list of all Debug/Console commands?

So i get sent to (through searching) separate posts listing one or two commands that require debug tools (as well as that small list of console commands) but i can’t seem to find a list of ALL the commands that can be used with debug tools. Its hard to have to go to a dozen separate threads to pick up one or two commands per thread. I just need a complete list (since i don’t even know what all commands there are to even use). If anyone could point me in the right direction that would be swell!

It’s not super detailed, but all the commands are printed if you type help in the regular debug console. If you are using the Lua console (which is a different one, opened from the angle bracket icon in the debug tools), you can run arbitrary Lua code.

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@DD22, you can find all the commands from the debug console by typing help like Max said, but bear in mind that some might not work anymore. If it’s uncomfortable because the list is too long, you can find them here too: The default console


yes sadly, like not being able to dump_building anymore to export buildings as qubicle files… I had to rebuild my ziggurat in order to make it a landmark, and I didn’t quite build it the same sadly. I think the first one was better designed, second one is colored better lol