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I have been wanting to know how I open the console in alpha 11 cause I press `or ~ and it does not work any help on fixing this?

Hey @Rick0091, have you enabled debug keys in your user settings file?

You need to add the line: "enable_debug_keys" : true, to your user_settings.json file which is located (by default if installed from Steam) in C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth.

Also, paging @8BitCrab or @Relyss, needs a category, gameplay…or support?

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hey there @Rick0091! you can access the console by clicking



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All together? Cause im wondering

Is the enable_debug_keys line no longer necessary? I just removed it from my user_settings and it still seems to work (at least in the develop version).

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yes sir, press CTRL and while holding the key, press ALT, and then while holding those two, press C:smiley:

Thanks for your help!!

isnt it just left Ctrl + C? i’ve never used the alt key whilst opening the console…


I don’t recall setting mine, so i’m assuming its not required… but we all know what happens when we … … … :blush:

it probably is, I just like making things more difficult!


debug keys dont have to be enabled

and i just tested, and it is just Ctrl + C

edit: also, to get a list of the commands just use the command help

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Are thee any like spawn commands I mean can you tell me the console commands

i actually dont know any other then.

  • ib : insta-build houses
  • im : insta-mining

but when you use the help command (just type in help and then press enter) it lists all the commands, and gives you a brief description of what each one does.

sorry i cant be of more help :confused:

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Thanks @8BitCrab For all the help and you @SteveAdamo


Also @jomaxro For it to.

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Type ‘help’ in the console to see a list of commands