Is it possible to make a semi-transparent .qb file?

Is it possible to make a semi-transparent .qb file like this?

I wanna make a mod that can build a bio-dome!

I know that magicvoxel has a glass feature, so I would assume that qubicle has one as well.

while yes, magica does have a glass render option, you can’t export .qb’s with transparent voxels…


On my long journey of making a good shader for the Candyland’s jellies, I reached this far, once:

So I’d say it might be possible to mod, but quite complex to do.

(Currently I’m using the existing shader for the ghost form, but that one doesn’t show the outline when you click on the entity, for example. Materials and shaders are a world on their own…)

Oh noes, I’ve spoiled that they actually have little legs inside :fearful:


Rats, I thought I had the perfect answer. :weary:

Yeah, that’s just the rendering options within the design program. In simple terms, a voxel is like a 3d bitmap and just stores the color. Transparency is done by whatever renders it. In this case the game.

This was going to be my advice, look at how the game does it for the ghost, and try to adapt it.