Indie Spotlight - Digital: A Love Story

 I made this Topic to see if any others have heard of this game, what their views on it are, and, well, that's about it.     

 Even though this PC Game is around Four-Years-Old, it is still a good Video-Game to check out. I assure you it will suck you right in once you get the hang of it. It's Incredibly Well-Written Story, the Amazing Chip-Tune Soundtrack, and its Unique Setting all make this a very good Game. You should try it out.

 Here is some Info about the Game. The game was released in 2010 and was written by a person named Christine Love. Ain't that a Coincidence. Even though it is simplistic in Design, it has been Critically-Acclaimed by many major Gaming Sites and by other Media. It is what you would a "Visual-Novel" and has a Linear-Story.

 Here is the Plot of the Game without giving away too much Information. The game takes somewhere in 1988, at the same time the Internet blooms and and around the time when the Morris Internet Worm starts to take over the Internet. You are the new owner of a brand spanking new Amie Microcomputer running the Amie Workbench Operating System, complete with a 48k Hard-Disk and a 14k Modem. You may have noticed that "Amie" and "Workbench" are a reference to the Old Amiga line of Home Computers made by Commodore International in the Mid-80s to Mid-90s. The man who gave you the PC also gives you the Phone Number to a local Bulletin Board System, known as Lake City Local. From there, you learn about the biggest Conspiracy to hit ARPANET, commit Phone Fraud, find Love, exploit Buffer Overflows,  and HACK THE GIBSON!

 So, if you ever happen to Download this Free Game, Or already have, I would like to hear your Views on it.

Oh, and here is the Link to Download the Game. It is for Windows, OS X, and Linux


I might take a look at some point

Looks pretty interesting.
But having the link to the game helps, so to prevent clogging of the intertubes by the search of the millions of interested stonehearthians for the game I present you with my finding of the games home URL

Have fun yall :slight_smile:


So I just played through it and man it gave me shivers.
Sure its not really authentic, but I had such a flashback to my time having fun on a BBS system in Berlin.
The sysop had installed an AI that chatted you up randomly, but as other real life users would do that as well you could not be totally sure. It even imitated the rudeness of us youngsters pretty well and I felt oh so smart when I was the first one to call the bot out and got it to confess that it was artificial.

Right to those considering playing it: you have to read a lot, but its all well worth it and great fun.
Give the game a shot :slight_smile: