[Gaslamp Games] Clockwork Empire

I stumbled over this game via PAR (link below) and I am pretty intrigued by it. It has a totally different style (steam-punky victorian colonies) compared to Stonehearth but the gameplay could be similar (colony management). To me it looks really interesting and I thought some of you might want to have a look as well :). Also the dev-blog on the companies website is quite an interesting read. Below is also the link to their spanking new website for the game:

PAR: Penny Arcade - 404

Dev Blog: Blog | Gaslamp Games

Game website: http://clockworkempires.com/


Thanks @Remus… Will take a look this morning… :+1:

edit: just watched the youtube clip… very promising! has a definite Sims vibe to it, but i am curious to learn more about it… :smile:

I am following it for quite some time already. Stumbled upon it when searching picture for some qubicle units I made :smile:.
It is very interesting. freeform pipeconnection system and gossip sound most compelling.
If someone dies, other people dont know instantly he dies. Someone finds him lying dead and tells other people he meets, who tells others. Eventually it reaches husband/wife by this gossip. And that husband/wife start drinking :smile:.
I agree, dev-blogs are an interesting and funny read (every wednesday). Dont forget to read the tags.

Gah, my wallet, it hurts.

Shame its not out yet, hope it’ll be good.

Wow! this game looks hilariously fun… I will be keeping an eye on it from now on.

Here an acticle of the game and first gameplay footage! Count me excited.


I’ve been following this one too, hope it turns out well. It’s actually on my browser links bar right next to Stonehearth :smile: Their blog is a fun read.

Yea, they are a little funny in the head. :smile:

thanks for the reminder @Miturion… looks like loads of fun! :+1:

will give the article a read as well… :smiley:

{Performs ancient and forbidden rituals}

It’s… ALIVE!

Okay, seriously… Gaslamp Games are about (as in, “on Friday”) to release an early alpha of Clockwork Empires:


It’s done via Humble Bundle, requires Steam, and costs $29.99. So I figure, given how Stonehearth is in the same genre (albeit at the much cuter end of the scale :wink: ), and given how many Stonehearth alpha testers are here, a little publicity for what looks to be a fun game is in order :slight_smile: .

This is an instant buy. Even tho I have a little backlog.
It can only be a good game with these silly heads. :smile:

Q. “The game crashed, broke, or otherwise did a terrible and monstrous thing. It is now sitting in my living room and hogging the couch, throwing empty beer cans at the cat. It has given me Ghost Neck, and many other diseases that we read about on your blog. What do I do? Who do I complain to?”
A. “If you want to submit the bug quickly and get back into the game, your best bet is the support form, which can (as of some time this evening) be found at portal.clockworkempires.com. Our forums also have a list of known bugs and we regularly check for new ones at community.gaslampgames.com.

Q. “In the eight hours since you invented it, Earliest Access has ruined PC Gaming forever! What IS THIS THING?! How do we know what to expect, and where should we go to understand what we’re buying?”
A. “An enormous project status page, clearly outlining all the work we have done in the past two-and-a-half years as well as the expected roadmap for everything going forward, can be found here.”

Q. “What are testers saying about the current state of the game?”
A. “The earliest build is best described as an occult cabbage-farming simulator with fishpeople.”

Q. “Are you fishpeople?”
A. “Blup. I mean, no.”

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