Indestructible walls are destroying my experience

Please. I’m begging you. We need a tool to destroy walls,
just sections of walls without having to tear down an entire build and start
from scratch.

I thought a little
sledge hammer tool icon in the “Building Designer” window would be perfect.
It would work just like the eraser tool except it only works on wall sections
and pillars. I imagine that it would it destroy a chunk of wall without
destroying the walls pillars so that players can destroy pillars separately as
it pertains to their build.

On a side note. I’d love it if there wasn’t a limit to the
length a wall can be drawn out. the more limitations a game has the less
creative its players can be.

I love this game and I hope that the developers see value in
this option and add some more tools to make building and designing more manageable.


This is already in the make. They are already revamping the building system to make it better and more free.

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THANK GOD i need that in my life.