In the deep, very deep

Vault room!


@Pandemic, do you think you could do a render of a similar treasure room? It cool be pretty neat I guess!


I am continuously baffled by the builds you make @Beatrice :slight_smile:


beautiful work @Beatrice, i would love to see more of this world!

Oh there isn’t much to see, I carved this in the micro city I use to test my translation. Micro city because when SH will be really optimized, I want to cover a whole map with such density and 300 hearthlings to the minimum… :wink:

(that’s an old screen, the entrance to the treasure room is on the cliff at the end of the crops).


thats amazing! you always put my little hamlets to shame, and that is why i shall never post screenshots of my towns on the discourse… :wink:

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Don’t say that! This is pure cheating with ib (btw, for the story, all this is a single blue print! :grin:). I don’t have much time right away but I must test out the new pathfinder with a troglodite house to see if the hearthlings are better at this game now…


who says i dont use ib :wink:

nah, i’m just not that great at designing good looking stuff. thats why i love to see all the awesome community submitted towns and stuff, as then i at least get to see what can be done.


I like gooooooooooold


seriously awesome work, as usual, @Beatrice:+1:


made me think of Scrooge Mcduck…


I would be sooooo tempted to making LotR/Hobbit references if I did XD

We’ll see, I’ll definitely put it in the poll though :smiley:


oh i would love that soooo much!

if you do make one then you should try having just pile o’ gold, rather then individual chests…

Do you know any model around?

no… but he’s pandemic, i’m sure he can make something :wink:

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I was actually thinking of making a suggestion thread about something like this, like if you mark a stockpile just for treasure it doesn’t get put in to individual chests but just gets piled up… possibly too frivolous and unneeded of a feature :stuck_out_tongue:

Really digging your style @Beatrice, very impressed!

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that woulda been useless, as it would have been merged over here, :wink:

… I would’ve read up to see if there was such a thread first of course.

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Is this a thing? I keep seeing this.

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Love your town :stuck_out_tongue: Keep it up :+1: