[Improvements?] Construction & Scaffolding. Cost & Algorithm


Is it possible for the construction of a building to be processed in a layer by layer hierarchy? Progressing at one y-coordinate at a time and only starting the next layer when the previous has been completely finished. Something like this could reduce scaffolding requirements and make the placement of said scaffolding more logical and progressive. However, I can imagine a rework like this may be not feasible and perhaps a lot of work from the ground up…so to speak.

I tend to get a lot of scaffolding issues as I build every building using the individual tiles as this allows for lots of detail and creative freedom to things like scale, detail, trims, etc. So perhaps a system as mentioned above could allow for very intricate designs (and no stuck Hearthlings atop a 12 block pillar :slight_smile: ).

Furthermore, I would like to say that scaffolding cost also seems to be a problem that could do with some tweaking. A large custom building will cost me around 12 wood. However, the scaffolding cost skyrockets the overall cost by +100 at least. This is a large problem for our dear Rayya’s Children.

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