Improve player controls

The examples I use below have been posted elsewhere on the forum but as individual suggestions and they continue to be relevant. My suggestion is for an over-arching work stream at some point, to improve the controls players have to manage their towns.

My examples are:

  1. To have a more fully fledged priority system (as you have in other management games). For example as has been posted before hearthlings do not pick up loot, preferring to work closer to home first and we cannot control them individually. There are times when this becomes painful when items you need are being ignored in favour of less important work. The very simple on/off system we have at the moment does not cover looting but is also not detailed enough. And yes I know you can select individual loot items but they still get ignored. A priority system would enable me to make my hearthlings do what I regard as the important work first.
    I am Cid, I know all, they will obey me! I have my faithful cultists in place. Soon they will all worship me and build many bunny statues. Mwah ha… Sorry. Moving on.
  2. A command to make moving plants easier and quicker. As of now, say you wish to move 6 berry bushes, click the bush, drag to place you want it, re-click. 12 clicks for 6 bushes and a lot of dragging across the map in between. And when you want to create a herbalist garden from the wild flowers - well, enough said.
  3. Fine items - once a crafter can craft an item it should become a recipe, so that we could create templates to use the more advanced items without it being pot luck as to whether they could be built.
  4. Town planning to be an option. I don’t want to build roads just for the sake of seeing how my buildings will fit.
  5. Smaller, neater interface for pc users. I play on a pc and do not need the details to take up so much of the screen. I prefer neat and tidy windows so I can have several open at a time. Also I would like to be able to hover over a character and get his/her basic stats if this were possible.
  6. Not a control perhaps but just a thought - partial resource reclaim when destroying built structures.

I am sure there are other things about the controls that players would like to see added to my list above so please feel free to add them on. I don’t know how the programming for this game works or what is possible and what is not, but that is the point of the post, to suggest a work stream for the future.

I hope this is helpful.