Improperly placed workshop tooltip

I keep discovering that my craftsmen (mostly weavers) are standing around idle or hauling stuff when there’s a ton of stuff they could be doing, and usually get confused and frustrated over it. Then I discover that their workshop it turned the wrong way such that it’s facing a wall, or it needs a bit more space on the sides to be used, or some other incorrect placement that prevents it from being used. The crafting menu doesn’t register the workshop as being unusable either, so it’s a little hard to troubleshoot.

If workshops that couldn’t be used due to lack of room had a tooltip over them letting me know, it’d let me get my craftsmen working again much faster and cause a lot less frustration.

EDIT: Also, if the amount of room a workshop needs was visible while you were placing it, that would be awesome. It’s really hard to tell with some of them. Especially things like the potter’s kiln (which takes up much more space on the sides than I’d expect) and the spinning wheel (where the front is the side they don’t use it from, instead of the side they do).

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