Immortal Furniture ----NO WAY!

The furniture are becoming a big issue while I look at my town these days. My town is 6 months older now. And It feels odd to see each furniture that I have placed long before is still looks as new, as shinny as like it has been placed right now. (Oh! of course it will because most of them are decorative items!)

I am strongly against these Immortal Furniture.

I think furniture should be breakable, they should have an expire date just like turnips or other vegetables that becomes rotten.

How are you gonna brake a furniture? For example, chair…
Answer: Each chair should have a counter code added to it. When the counter code reaches to max, the chair will break automatically.

What’s a counter code?
Answer: A code that counts how many hearthling have been seated on a particular chair.

A chair could have 50 as its counter code. When hearthlings seat on a chair for 50 times…BOoM! The chair breaks down.

I think there should be differences between chair’s max counter code (MCC). Such as,

  1. Normal wooden chair can have 50 as MCC
  2. Fine wooden chair can have 70 as MCC
  3. Catholic chair can have 60 as MCC
  4. Stone chair can have 100 as MCC.
  5. Stone fur chair can have 30 as MCC. Furs get cankered easily.

Okey that’s reasonable, but how are you gonna break a table?
Answer: Tough question! I think tables are easily breakable if hearthlings walk over it. We see hearthlings walking over the tables all the time. So, similar to the chair’s max counter code (MCC) tables should have MCC too. But in this case, only the number of “walked over” will be counted.

I think wooden tables should have 4 as MCC and stone tables should have 6. Now, whenever hearthlings walk over a wooden table 4 times ….BOoM! The table breaks down.

Let’s see, how are gonna break a bed?
Answer: Honestly, I’m not sure. A bed can give lifetime service unless hearthlings gain weight. But if we use our common sense then we will find that we don’t use the same old Bed Sheet for lifetime. Here the Bed Sheet can be our main focus.

I think bed sheets should be craftable by the weaver. And each bed sheet should have a MCC. Instead of being destroyed or broken, the bed will show a red exclamation sign and forbid the heathling from sleeping there until new bed sheet is placed (just like it happens when there’s not enough materials while building).

How many times do you want to sleep in the same old bed sheet? Ask yourself and tell me. May be this time… you should decide what number will be considered as MCC for a bed sheet.

So, when the player sees red exclamation sign on top of a bed, he should order bed sheets to be made at weaver’s place and as soon as a bed sheet is made it should be carried and placed over the bed by a hearthling.

Bed sheets can be of different color or whatever color the player have chosen while ordering. I think there should be at least 10 colorful bed sheets for a player to chose from. it will sure to make the game a lot colorful compare to now…

And what about mean beds?
Answer: Of course this is only applicable to comfy/fine comfy/stone/fur/double beds. Mean beds don’t fall into this category because it does not have bed sheets. So, I am still no sure how to make it breakable. Any ideas?

Any idea for rugs?
Answer: Rugs can have the same mechanism as like the chair. The only difference is that, chairs had “number of being seated” as MCC and rugs will have ‘‘number of stepped on’’ by hearthlings as MCC. I think a rug should last at least 200 steps.


  1. Carpenter will have continuous orders for chairs and tables from player which will make him stay busy all the time. Same goes for mason and weaver.
  2. It will make to have a continuous production/collection of wood, stone and silkweed.
  3. Making the game more realistic and complex.
  4. Have a colorful town.

What do you think? Do you like to have immortal Furniture around? You don’t? Then join with me to make them mortal for good.


good to see you have worked on a reasonable suggestion, there`s a like from me!
…but imortal is fine for me :slight_smile:

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I think having enemies destroy furniture when they attack would be a good touch. Wolves tearing up rugs and curtains, Goblins kicking over chairs and tables, etc. They don’t even need to be destroyed - just thrown about and toppled to display how things are messed up. A few 90-degree-rotated item models and it’s an easy addition.

Item decay is just a nuisance, though. I’d rather go without.


Yeah, I’d prefer what @LeadfootSlim there said. Immortal furniture can stay, but I want goblins to come in and have a ruckus!

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Wonderful idea!!! …

As I have my town surrounded by walls and having entrances like castle gates its really hard for Ogy/Goblin/Wolves/Zombies to get inside my town. My archers are always ready and my knights have reached level 6 …So, it would be pretty difficult (even in hard mode game play) to destroy my town because I have some strategy of my own for survival. And in this case there is no one to destroy my furniture, tearing up rugs and curtains.

And That’s why I hope we’ll one day have goblins with ladders, and HUGE Wall-Breaking Ogres!