Immediate crash to desktop (Lavasoft)

Dear Albert
the folow message will be displayed.
Is in german lenq.

  1. Window
    “Stoneheard is no longer works
    looking for the solution”
    "Stoneheard is no longer works
    The program will be close becouse is not properly executed.
    You will be notified if there is any resould.

Sorry for my bad english:


The crash take only few seconds and i must close the last window by my self

@kaempfer47 what’s in your user_settings.json file? (you can open it with any text editor).

In the screenshot it looks like the carpenter is at her workbench. How long were you able to play the game before it crashed?

“user_id” : “38db393e-af5a-11e6-b1a0-305a3a45ce9d”

Hallo Albert,

i can’t play this game . The Game is crasht during start immediately.

This is only backround picture for the message

It looks like some security software is injecting it’s code into stonehearth and causing it to crash. Can you show the list of programs running from task manager after booting the machine?

Also, check this list of programs known to cause problems:

Can you show the Process list as well?

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Hallo Albert, see the Process list.

In the first picture, what is “atkexComSvc”?

Hallo thelegorebel,

seems that i buy this with my computer together.

It’s a part of Asus motherboard.

Ok. I just thought it might be a security software interfering with the game, but it doesn’t seem to be.

@kaempfer47, could you try to replace the contents in user_settings.json with this? :

"user_id" : "38db393e-af5a-11e6-b1a0-305a3a45ce9d",
"enable_analytics" : true,
"enable_auto_save" : false,
"renderer" : {
	"run_once" : true,
	"use_high_quality" : false,
	"enable_ssao" : false,
	"enable_shadows" : false,
	"shadow_resolution" : 256,
	"msaa_samples" : 0,
	"shadow_quality" : 1,
	"max_lights" : 30,
	"enable_vsync" : false,
	"enable_fullscreen" : false,
	"screen_width" : 1920,
	"screen_height" : 1018,
	"draw_distance" : 1000
"audio" : {
	"bgm_volume" : 0.6,
	"efx_volume" : 0.6
"enable_lua_jit" : false,
"force_32_bit" : false,
"language" : "en"

You can put your screen resolution in “screen_width” and “screen_height”.
Then save it and restart the game.

Let us know if it worked.

Hallo all to gether,

sorry but nothing help , so finaly i reinstall to day the win10 and now every things works well.
I found out that some lava files (LavasoftTCPService64.dll) was in presend in my system32 folder but i can’t remove this. Reinstalling the OS was the only one way what can i do.

I like to say thank to all you guys for your help and now i can play this nice game well.

and sorry for my bad english.

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Yes, Lavasoft is tricky to fully remove.

Stonehearth normally detects that Lavasoft has crashed the game and pops up an error message about it. It uses crash.dmp to figure this out, so I wonder why is wasn’t being generated on your old Windows 10 installation.

In his log on the first post, it shows “user feedback is off”.
But I’m not sure if that refers to “enable_analytics” on the user_settings or to the crash reporter.

Are the analytics controlled by the same flags as the crashes, or are the crashes supposed to be always sent if there is a crash.dmp?