If i promote someone to a carpenter, my game crashes

Since the other Thread didn’t really got an answer im gonna ask it again.
When i try promoting a hearthling to a carpenter my game just crashes.
i don’t know if it happens with other crafters too but it didn’t happen with a trapper nor a footman. I tried the steam and the installed version and it happens on both of them.

stonehearth.log (94.0 KB)

I’m playing on the unstable branch because the stable one is not compatible with the mods im using

Windows version (10), video card (e.g. GTX 1050ti), and monitor type (external monitor)

Does this happen without mods?

What mods ?

so i do not know what the problem was but after some twitching around, deleting files and reinstalling them it worked. But i don’t think it had anything to do with mods