Crash when promoting during an attack

Just started up a new town and waited with promoting my footman until the first attack. When the first wave of entlings came running, i promoted a hearthling to footman. While he was picking up the talisman, the entlings started to damage him (aparently he was the first hearthling in their way) And then the game crashed to the desktop…
Steps to reproduce:

  1. start a new town
  2. wait until the first wave of enemies come
  3. promote a hearthling to footman and be attacked while picking up the talisman.

Expected Results:
The hearthling promotes himself to footman and begins to fight back.
Actual Results:
Game crashes.


Version Number and Mods in use:
729 , patrol points and improved storage filter…
System Information:

Do you still have the stonehearth.log after the crash? Or a crash.dmp that you could upload?

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log and (35.4 KB)
here you go :merry:

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just had two crashes when promoting to footman without being under attack…game simply shuts down…so i guess the first i reported had nothing to do with the attack after all.

So you reproduced it again when promoting to footman? :thinking:

I wonder if it might be caused by the mods. Could you verify the integrity of the game cache on Steam just in case?

There’s some crashes that happen randomly in all kinds of scenarios, so it’s hard to debug them even with the dump. And they all have the same error code, probably caused by bad pointers or something like that.

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Everything is fine when i verify the game cache on steam.

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it happened again…this is a new game and i have played along time, promoting lots of hearthlings to footmen without any trouble and then all of a sudden when i promote one the game crashes.
Here is a new crash log…
log and crash (25.6 KB)

What i tried doing, was removing the patrol mod before starting this game. i thought it was that until just now :jubilant:

my mods and such…

Here we go, once again… (127.0 KB)
any news on what is causing this?

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Yes, we found the faulting code. (Thanks for all the dumps and logs)
Do you have a savefile after the crash happened? That will give us context on what the game looked like when it happened.
I haven’t been able to reproduce it yet, do you have any other tips?


Thanks for the report! Although I couldn’t reproduce it, the crash dump was enough to make a fix, and it will be included in the next release.


Sounds great! :jubilant: I cant seem to reproduce it on purpose either, but it is always something with the footmanclass, this last crash was when i promoted a footman to knight… during combat, but it has crashes without the combat before.

Here is the latest autosave before the crash occured: - Google Drive

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next release have not gone live yet right? because it just happened again in a new save… guess i have to start a new town…
Or maybe give some hint to what is causing this, so i can prevent it?

Started yet another game and it happened again…

Correct. The fix is not out yet. There’ll be the usual new version announcement when it makes it to unstable. The direct cause is just rendering timing, so there isn’t much that can be done to prevent it without a new build.

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