Idea For A New Building: CRYSTAL FORGE

My idea is to create a building called “Crystal Forge”, where you can create crystals from things in the surrounding, like gemstones extracted from stones. You need a special worker for that, too. I think it should be a normal blacksmith with an additional skill to be a crystal maker.

But what’s now? I have all these crystals O.O ( not the blue ones from BreakingBad). ^^
You can put one , and only ONE, crystal to every NPC that is under your control. These crystals increase damage, working speed, defence, movement and many other things.
It could be a really cool feature and it improve the possibility to create your own, unique allegiance.

welcome aboard @Kriptixx! :smile:

wasnt sure if this was a suggestion or a mod idea you were proposing… didnt seem to fit into the gameplay bucket though…

Is this an idea for a mod you would like to create / see or for vanilla Stonehearth?

The idea of crystals which your settlers are carrying sounds a bit “strange” to me. Why crystals? I like more the idea to have tools and a “talisman” which is related to a specific profession to provide you with boni.

Alright ^^
sorry though

Ok let me put that differently:
The NPC’s of your fraction have a necklace, with a free slot for the crystal. You can now put them into that free place to give them additionall powers.

Sounds to me like an interesting idea for a mod. But I would see this maybe as an additional set of recipes for the smith instead of a complete new class… just because it might not be deep enough for a stand-alone profession.

I definitely like the idea of some sort of bonus system …

I think managing this for each settler would become quite unwieldy - imagine assigning 70 settlers each with a crystal, would take quite a bit of time!

I could actually see crystals working better in terms of crafting … say you wanted to craft an iron sword, but modified the recipe to include red crystals, the sharpness/ damage done by that sword would be slightly increased.

Personally though I’m not sure if crystals have the right feel … they seem a bit …flaky? As in, I’d rather see bonuses through Settler skill/ability/level rather than through a crystal … but crystals are certainly an interesting idea for a modifier.

Yes, maybe it’s i little bit too unwieldy. Maybe only soldiers can get one or, like you @Geoffers747 said, craft a sword and implement it there.
The idea that normal blacksmith just need a blueprint is great, too.@voxel_pirate

I am sure that such a mod will come^^

indeed… perhaps an “area effect” modifier? you place a larger crystal in a given area (near a field, or a shop) and all the units nearby receive some sort of boost to their respective tasks (improved farming, higher quality crafts, etc.)…

wow weapon socketing! yes! :smile:

Did somebody say Materia?!

Let’s do this.

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weapon socketing sounds great @SteveAdamo

The area of effect idea is great,too. For examble you can put a large crystal on the ground, build your field’s around and your farmers will work faster. ;D

You don’t put a crystal in a field, what are you crazy?

Instead you feed the beautiful crystal powder into the water supply and watch as your crops become monstrous and alive.

Perhaps crystals aren’t such a good idea …


I really like the idea, it’s a nice concept and works well without placeing itself too far away from the feel of the game.

Exactly ;D It doesnt destroy the feel i think ^^

I hope you don’t mind, I took the liberty of drawing what I envisage a Crystal forge looking like,

It’s a little rough around the edges, and I mean the crystals on the outside could obviously be a different colour, but apart from that it’s near enough finished,


Do you hate the idea of crystals so much ;DDDDDDDDDDDDDD i just think that you have a wrong
imagination of what i mean…

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Hmm, maybe my picture didn’t quite depict what it is you imagine …

In all seriousness, I don’t hate the idea of crystals!

its ok… you’re still new here… its takes a bit of time before most users are acclimated to @Geoffers747 personality “quirks”… you should feel honored though! it usually takes a few days before he starts in on the new blood… :smile:


hahahah ;DDD great xD

I just hope there’s an in-game fridge so I can put this on it. :smile:

If crystals were able to be accessed early, they might not be so difficult to assign to everyone. I mean, you start out with like 5 guys (unconfirmed but from videos we’ve seen I’m taking a guess) and people join you in one way or another. If you were only at a population of say 10 by the time you could use crystals, it might not really be so hard to assign them all, as you give those 10 some and then when later ones come along you just give them one as they come and you see their use.

I can’t say I love the idea of it being a crystal either, but it isn’t hugely far from the medieval fantasy setting that Stonehearth’s set in. :stuck_out_tongue:

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