(Idea) disasters

It would be nice to have disasters in Stonehearth,
I mean not just hurricanes, earthquakes ect,
stuff that is crazy, ill give a few examples

Smite, where your healers have pissed off a god,
you would get the message
Your town has incurred the wrath of divine essence
so you would have to do something about it, like sacrifice something, or the god would do something horrible to you, like summon a meteorite onto your town.

Another example would be a plague of war,
pretty much some nation has an intense hatred of you, so you get this message you hear rumors of an enemy, ready to blight your populace

and a day later, a dead cow is thrown at one of your hearthlings. He/she gets the condition diseased, and he cannot work. the infection will rapidly spread. if you have a cleric, the cleric can prevent the hearthlings from dying, and cannot be infected, but the cleric cannot cure the disease. There are multiple ways of getting the cure:
1.) buying it from a caravan for a slightly hefty price
2.) sacrificing a bunch of animals and the first infected person
3.) making a contract with a higher power
4.) killing the infected

My citizens built a tower yesterday. It took 5 gamedays and in the end i noticed that i forgot the front door. Whole building had to be rebuilt.
I do already have my disasters in this game.


yeah, but that is you kicking your ass, this is the game owning you