Idea: Barrack "workshop"

Okay, here is the idea! The “barrack workshop”!

As you all have seen/read/noticed there is a wooden shield en sword in the carpenter’s workshop that isn’t available! I was just thinking, that if you wanted to create a large army it would be a pain in the bun to assign as sword to every settler.

So what if you would be able to create a special workshop, that if you have a ‘trainer’ you can create more soldiers if the resources are there (swords, shields, bows, settlers).

What do you mean… a “trainer”.
my Idea was that if you give a sword to a settler you can upgrade this settlers to a trainer! Giving him his own little workshop where he can train multiple settlers at once (or one at a time in a queue!)

At the moment I’m pretty busy… but I might try to draw some example in the style of our beloved @Goldmetal


sounds interesting this should help them reach higher levels too and the trainer shouldn’t be able to train people to higher level than he is :slight_smile:

There should definitely be a way to conscript settlers en masse - either for panic scenarios (Zombies! Everyone grab a fightin’ shovel!) or for handling larger settlements where you don’t care as much about individual settlers.

Whether or not this should be linked to a building or just a part of the military UI is up for debate, but I would think a training area/barracks workshop would be an excellent thing to have either way. Sparring or lessons would be useful for keeping your soldiers trained, and it’d be great to pan through your city and see (among many other small events) soldiers training in a field.


I believe the part of the UI that controls jobs and classes, would also enable the management of soldiers through there. I’d assume the “find tool and assign” -duties would then be delegated to a more UI based solution with every villager, their class, and available tools.