Iconic off-center



The iconic version of the long sword is off-center.



Two handed sword is slightly off-center :smiley:



I think these could go into the last polish thread.
While in this subject, many weapons do not have a proper iconic fitting in a 10x10x10 space.

stone maul
ogo bone mace
jagged cleave
giant bone axe
giant bone mace


Am confused, bow definitely has a 10x10x10 iconic, as does recurve bow. Which bow are you talking about?

All others have been fixed (or will be when they come out). Also fixed offset of longsword and tweaked two handed sword.


Ops, sorry, the bow is correct. The way I checked was doing a search for *.qb files in the weapon folder, and then I just listed those that I did not saw an iconic or small version. I checked again and it is indeed there. :sweat: