I want to say this is a bug, but it is hilarious non the less

So I was playing a modded save, and besides the UI errors, which aren’t supposed to be fixable due to mods. Go figure, but the entire 6 hour play through, merchants kept wanting doors, 15 wooden doors to be exact, at first it was 10 bolts of cloth, for 3 wooden doors, that is amazing for a “Week old” settlement, so i made it, then once my quality spread far and wide from my carpenter, the world went crazy, 15 for a Giant Bone axe, 15 for 5 Gold ingots, 15 for, 15 doors (Not kidding, but I accepted it) my save hasn’t progressed to stage 2 of the settlement, so things might change, going for glory, so knights taking a while, but I kept laughing, until. 30 doors for, 1 door, a gloriously sturdy fortress door. I was appalled, how dare someone question my quality and artisan feel, so i made the doors, all excellent quality, took over 50 doors though, so my carpenter has progressed quite a lot for selling doors. Then the merchant came, i exchanged doors, and God, it was amazing, the hinges were made of tough brass, the ornate gold was from the Raaya’s desert. I just kidding it was trash, no one wanted to place it. But that is my story of entrepreneurship so far, I will keep you guys posted on the door feud.


Did you settle in the Dark Realm of More Door?


This should definitely not be happening anymore, unless they are offering one type of door for a different type of door. Got a save that we could verify?

It was a mod item, I was so enthralled by amusement, I should have clarified it. Sorry about that

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