Humble Bundle version 1.0 includes hotfixes?

Hi guys
I’m a ks backer recently starting to play… I’m having fun with the DRM-free version from humble bundle.
I wanted to ask, if anyone knows: Does the 1.0 version from humble include the “hotfixes” for 1.0 that are mentioned in the dev blog?

I’m asking just so I don’t have to restart after advancing more in my savegame


Go to your game folder, there you will find a file called stonehearth.log. Open it, it is a simple text file. At the first line you should see this:
Stonehearth Version (x64)
The “893” is the version. The version currently on Steam. If your number is lower than that, than you guys still do not have it.

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Thanks for the info!
For the record, the version showing is (x64), so it’s lower than .893

I also have the game on steam, so I suppose I could install it to replace some files from steam to the humble copy to update it? (I don’t seem to find the hotfixes as separate downloads)

Once again thanks for your time

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