How works the alignmend?

I saw that adjusting the alignmend on objects on the floor is really easy to understand. But i have several problems by making it work for objects placed on a wall.

Is there a easy way to adjust them? Or a tip?

Ps. Have also some problems with the ghost file of the furniture :smiley: but its all connected to the same issue…

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how is the model positioned in your modelling program? for something that’s placed on a wall it should be lined up something like this,

the point where all the axis meet being the point the object is placed from, although it also could be the .json files needing tweaking… can’t remember if changing the model origin in the program changes the .json stuff for you… :thinking:

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Ahh ok i see…

my position was wrong. will change this and try to place it in the right position with the Debug Tool. Thx @8BitCrab