How to determine the positioning of objects?

I made a couple of items in cubicle to replace some items form the MRcontainres mod (btw, thankyou MR. for making these, many of these are amazing)

I made individual items for storing thread and cloth, but I had the HARDEST TIME settingup the region size for storage, and setting the alignment of the model.

What is the proper way of setting up the models in the world grid? Is there a way of determining How much does (0.05) in the x direction represents?

For example, the furniture stalls all take 3 spaces across to place, this should be 2 spaces (it will fit better within buildings and accesible to crafters.)

Also, how can we modify the attributes of workbenches? (lets say, how can I set it up so, after the carpenter can make a worbench (the lvl2. workstation) he no longer uses the little tree stump and makes all furniture on the lvl.2 crafting station? (it just takes a longer time to craft things, I actually made a little building trying to get the crafters as close to each other as possible to maximize crafting speed for thread, wood, and metal items.)

Is this possible?


1 = 1 block. This tunings are a piece of cake if you use the debug tools. Go to your mod settings and activate it (it comes with the game). One of the tools is one that you use to align items.

The problem here is that some recipes asks specifically for the first workbench, so you would need to change all the recipes asking for it.

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Is it possible to set up one recipe so it requires “either Workbench A or Workbench B”?
I have not been able to perform this; and if it is possible, I don’t think the logic to prefer one workbench over another is implemented.

However, if you’re up for the task, it should be possible to set up the logic for it, @TheRedBaron91 :slight_smile:

The mentioned tool is called the Entity Editor and looks like a little “pen and rubber” imo.
In case you want some futher introduction to this tool, @TheRedBaron91, I’ve written very briefly about it here.
I believe you will have to add both the Model and Region Origins, before they show up in the Entity Editor.

I typically add just whatever numbers (e.g. x=y=z=1) in both Model Origin and Region Origin in my JSON file, and then I boot up Stonehearth to find the correct numbers.
Just as Bruno say, this is a good method (imo) to find your region-numbers.

I also try to keep all axis of my .qb files in the same “times table”. If X is a evenly divisible with 5, I make sure Y and Z is as well; and so on. This helps me to find the correct scale once my model is imported into Stonehearth.
I don’t know if a model with X=15, Y=15, and Z=12 will become “distorted” if you set the scale to 0.5 as an example - I have not tried it, as I ensist with keeping my times table “logic”. :stuck_out_tongue:


We had this helpful guide from @Tuhalu that explains the axis and scales, I think it still applies :slightly_smiling_face::

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