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Well there we go - now the models start rolling out! :smiley:

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New Window Model. I made it a lot thinner than the standard window and added the middle part and carved out some parts of the wood and added the little nice board under the window :slight_smile: pretty happy with this model.

Later on i have to learn to add them as seperate crafts and start working on my own decoration expansion :smiley:


Sounds good! It’s not too complex - even I was able to create some custom recipes and create a small MOD.
I’m still working on it, more advanced stuff ahead ^^

Anyhow, if you need some starter-help there are plenty of info on the forums; I could also assist you with some of the basics of how to add your recipes etc if you’d want.
Best of luck! :smiley:

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Thank you i look forward to start making my own crafts and own decoration expansion :smiley:
I took a look in the json files with sublime and it did not look that advanced except for some confusing things when i looked at the recipes.

Done a bunch of C++, C# & Java scripting in the past so that hopefully helps a bit :smiley:

The only annoying thing i found so far when designing is that i create the model in magicavoxel then i have to set it up in voxelshop so its centered :smiley:

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I’ve only done a bit of C/C++ and some JAVA development prior looking into the JSON-files of Stonehearth; based on my experience despite my limited knowledge, I’d say you will not find it too confusing once you start.
The JSON-files simply holds information; really simple to work with - if you want to create anything that relies on scripting you will have to look into the lua-files, too, I think. (Again, not too confusing - but I found this a harder task to grasp)

I use MagicaVoxel, too; but I’ve never used VoxelShop.
The way I’ve gone about to center my models is like this:

  • Once I’m happy with my model, I mirror it on the X-axis (due to MagicaVoxel and Stonehearth having inversed X-axis orientation) ans save it as a .qb
  • I load my model into the game (update the smod-file to include this .qb and all JSON data required to be able to stamp it using the DevTools) and boot up Stonehearth
  • Using the Entity Editor (DevTools), I edit the Model Origin and Region Origin until everything is the way I want it to be
  • Go back to update the JSON-files of my model


If you press Show Json (the little scroll icon) it gives you the code as well.

I’ve grown used to this method now; but maybe I should look into this VoxelShop you speak about :slight_smile:


Stonehearth Hardmode | Bantonia Ep 2

Where can i grab this Dev Tools and perhaps any other that you would recommend

As stated by @Relyss, the DevTools (or debugtools, as they seem to call it - my bad) are already available in the Mods-tab within your Stonehearth settings. All you have to do is to activate them.
I have found these tools handy when it came to “correcting” the last details of my added models.

When it comes to the act of modding itself, I would suggest you to download the official example mod and go from there:

By studying these files you will get a basic graps of how to add new entities and recipes. To do more advance stuff, you could learn from what already exists within your copy of Stonehearth.

Within _…\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\mods_, create a copy of the original stonehearth.smod.
Rename it to stonehearth.zip and unzip it - this will now yeild a folder namned stonehearth.
Now, you can freely browse this folder and everything found within regular Stonehearth - it makes an excellent way of learning in my opinion :slight_smile:
And, if you ever get stuck, it seems to me there are a lot of talented people on the forums - so ask away and the help shall arive very soon I believe :smiley:

I, too, will to what I can to help if I see any questions from you.
Best of luck now - can’t wait to see what you’ll produce!

Edit: Oh! When working with JSON-files it can be tricky to see if everything is correct. At least for me; I do all my work in Notepad++ xD
So, I will also provide you a link to an online JSON verifier.


Livestream today 19:00 / 7PM CEST

Fun & Fast to Model in Magicavoxel :smiley:


Experimenting make a new window



Made a Weapon Yesterday :slight_smile:


Canyon Livestream

Going live in a few minutes on Twitch
Link at first post! :exploding_head:

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Welcome to the Canyon
This is a Livestream Upload from Twitch

New Epsiode with Kingdoms and Castles

This game is really fun i have plans to build some houses from this in Stonehearth

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