How will your settlers and animals move navigate across the land?

Sorry if this is has been already asked :c

Anyway, how will they navigate along the land? I mean when they have to go a block up ? Or climb a mountain or a hill? Will there be an animation were they step up or will they sort of glide up the terrain?

And in the alpha videos you can see some steps have been made. Will you need to put steps everywhere?

This is one of those topics that I think it’s just too early to know about. They’re still working on the basic gameplay, so I doubt there will be this level of information anytime soon.

precisely… we do have a fair amount of information we could use to guesstimate though…

the steps are present, and will likely have to be constructed/placed… the extra animations used for things like dropping wood onto stockpiles and climbing scaffolding leads me to believe that the same attention to detail will be applied in as many places as possible…