Will there be roads?

Will there be (functioning) roads?

Will they improve the speed of your people or just be cosmetic?

If so, will they emerge automatically by well-trodden paths, or do you need build them yourself?
And if there will be roads, will the roads be upgradeable or maybe even autoupgrade?

(One feature I really liked about Settlers 2 (which this game reminds me a lot of) was that roads that were used a lot would eventually upgrade to darker roads (and add pack animals), it was a very good way to visualise the most used paths in your economy.)

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i think you have to put them down yourself, seeing the footage we’ve seen so far. i’ve got no idea on the effect, but i figure it will increase the speed of movement.

But just check the pic they used for greenlight/kickstarter, there are roads in there :).

It seems that roads will be in, or at least something to the effect:

Taken from the Collated Q & A:

  • [urlhttp://www.twitch.tv/radiantentertainment/b/404702629]More on pathfinding [/url] Livestream - 39:30

"We want our pathfinder to take into account the type of terrain, so there’ll be a cost, maybe the cost of traversing a road is half the cost of traversing grass which is half the cost of traversing rocky terrain. "

As for how they are implemented, I’m afriad I can’t shine a light on that one!

@Nyrixa The picture that they used for the kick starter was probably just drawn, that stuff isn’t in the game yet I don’t think.

I think most of the things they did for the kickstarter isn’t in the game yet, but it is probably a safe bet that if they showed it off there to entice money from out coffers it will be in the game. Probably anyway. I mean… roads… in a town… it makes sense.

Hm I would love when roads would envolve naturally like in old the settlers games :tongue:


I would love to see roads add a bonus to different units.
people + 10% speed
Unit transport carts +30% speed
Siege weapons +20%
Trade carts +50% speed

This way if you want you expand your reach quickly and have a powerful and defendable civilisation you need roads.
and maybe tranes at some point??? :wink:

well there should be some negative to roads too, else people will just make only roads anymore around their towns… to make all units faster

its the city-building part that perseveres here, if people want to, they should be able to. I think this won’t be as much of an issue though, since its about creating a town etc, you’d want to build something that looks good.

yeah… I agree that people should be able to do what you want, but I said in addition, when roads have effects to your villagers then it should be also thought of what can happen

I also would build something, which is effiecient and that gives its beauty through it.

The negative side is the cost?..

Sir, I accept this!.

Perhaps in a large enough, poorly planned town, if things like carts are implemented, you could wind up with congestion. But that negative would be your own fault.