How to stop enemies from spawning on my island?

So this is what Im working with Im planning on building a wall along the edge, and I have a bridge currently being worked on. (Right now, storage and primary living is all underground in a bunker)

I want to expand to enough that enemies stop spawning on the island and have to get to us through the bridge (Where the barracks will ultimately be located) If I put buildings around the edge will that prevent them from spawning or is it set for spawning enemies a certain distance from active hearthlings?

The enemies spawn a distance from your buildings, so yes, if you put buildings around the island the enemies will not spawn on it and will have to come through the bridge. Any building will do, but if you build that wall nothing will spawn on the island.

Have Fun, Kyth.

That shoulkd give you some enlightenment :smile:


very helpful! Im going to stake territory with some totems as I fill in the buildings!

You also can just put down a 1x1 farmland and just tell the farmer to not plant anything in in.