How to make a 2 floor building, being the 2nd floor half open

hello guys im having quite a problem when making custom buildings. u see i tried making a 2 floor building the 1st floor as a resting place, and the 2nd floor is half room (1-2 beds) and half open place storage… and sadly its not working i cant seem to make my workers make it… they tried doing the 1st floor but when theyre about to go for the 2nd floor they just stop and ignores it…

FYI, i didnt put roof on the 1st floor just covered it with floors is that right or wrong?

It depends on whatever you did really. A screenshot would be handy. My Hearthlings are able to build several floors, with holes in them, and a roof to top it all off.

It’s best to design your complete building, and then at the end remove parts of the floor where you want your holes.

ok ill try it… ill even put a screen shot… also the only way to put roofs is when u make walls right? because i tried using individual slabs as a wall and support beam but i cant put roof on it…

Topic that could be related (same problem) to this

yeah i get the same issue, i post screenshots on another post so as to condence them into once post as such.