How to install patch for Alpha 10 5 10

Sorry to be so clueless here, but I am trying to help my 12-year old son out here. He wants to install the most recent patch. How is this done?

i hope this will help you Development – Page 15 – Stonehearth. there is a info about latest branch ^^ but normally die 10_5-10 should be on the stable roster?

alternativ if this not help delete the stonehearth.smod in the stonehearthfolder and let steam look if all files are ok ^^ (settings -> local data and there search for issues or so - sry im from germany so i dont know the correct flow in english)

:wink: and if im right your son will be tomorrow really happy because i think there will be the first unstable 11 relassed

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Thank you wiese2007. I’m not sure I follow you though. I don’t think we downloaded the game through Steam. Any other suggestions?

I’m sorry, but Alpha 10.5 - 10 is an unstable version, and thus was uploaded only to Steam (I think).
I’m not sure when will they upload a new stable version to Humble Bundle. You can download stable versions from there again, but it’s not an update, I think. It’s mostly like you reinstall the whole game (but you could copy your save files and building templates and put them on the new version, if you’d want).

@Albert, @yshan, any estimates for this? Maybe this week?

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Hi @mwjohnson68 - We are pushing the latest build to Humble Bundle which is probably where he purchased it. You should see it in a day or two.

@Relyss - We did push Alpha 10.5 - 10 to the stable branch on steam as well. Thanks for the help!