How to decrease lag

Actually 32 does have optimizations that 64 doesn’t. No, there are no official optimizations, but as you code you find bugs and fix them, the longer you have worked with a piece of code the more optimized it is. When it comes to the 64 bit system is barely a few months old. Tweaks to the code that worked to make 32 run faster may not have the same effect for 64. Not all adjustments are universal especially when dealing with architecture. This is the reason games that are coded the same run completely different on different consoles and systems. This is why patches can take longer to put out.

The point I made was I noticed a sizable difference when it comes to the versions, hence why I’m waiting until 64 is optimized a little before I commit To it.

BTW before you say something like I’m pretending to know anything about software development please note I have a bs is software engineering and a masters in information security, have been coding for years, and yes I have done game development to a degree, this includes world design and coding. though I’m most proficient in mobile development.

So no neither version is fully optimized, but as I stated before 64 is still somewhat experimental, until they hammer out all the bugs with the build 32 will run better simply because the code is stable

I heavily disagree. Especially in projects where lots of code have to be written in a short amount of time, like here, it’s much more likely that things are just thrown in rather than carefully put in. Code is something organic that grows over time, up to the point where it can’t bear its own weight anymore, figuratively speaking.

My statement still is that the game is not even remotely close to an area where such optimizations would take place, especially not in C++. They’ve got a boatload of other things to worry about. Because 64bit was somewhat early to the game too, I heavily doubt that at any point 32bit optimizations played any part of it. It’s just not worth it.

While I agree with the first sentence, I disagree with the others. We’re not talking about a complete system change; we’re not talking about using OpenGL instead of DirectX or just a subset of the C runtime or even a completely different language. We’re talking about an architecture switch, which in its most basic form is “load another configuration in Visual Studio and hit F7 again”. Link to another set of libraries, maybe tweak code here or there to make it architecture independent. These changes are rather laughable compared to whatever you need to port something to a different system, especially some odd environments like consoles or portables.

Of course there are some differences that make workarounds and specific adjustments to each architecture necessary, but most of them should be taken care of by the language and the libraries used.

That’s way below my level, though I would like to add - independent of this conversation, as a general statement kind of thing - that just having a piece of paper does not qualify you as actually knowing anything about the subject. It’s just a fancy paper that somebody, at some point, successfully managed to satisfy some university/college/whatever with their requirements in a subject. For example, I don’t think that a computer science bachelor from 1980 is worth a lot today.

That’s something different. That’s not an optimization in my eyes. The 64bit build isn’t complete yes, I completely agree - but that doesn’t mean that it’s inferior to the 32bit because it offers functionality that the 32bit simply can’t. The most obvious one being the ability to save after a longer period of time. Optimized as it may be, simply being able to do it completely wipes out what little optimization 32bit may have - which I still doubt.


As a programmer, I also agree.


If I got a degree in the 80s man id be awesome how many babies get degrees. On the contrary I got my bs in 2011 masters right after. You should never assume you know a person.

Code evolves over time is not slapped together and ignored until they feel ready to fix it.

The point @RepeatPan is making is that saying “I have a degree in X, so I know what I’m talking about when I talk about X” is just an appeal to authority. I have absolutely no idea what, if any, letters @RepeatPan has after his name - but I take what he says seriously because in my eyes he’s proven himself knowledgeable about this kind of thing and thus worth listening to.


@lemur83 and @RepeatPan you can discuss the issue in another place since this is getting too off topic from the discussion :pensive:
I would like to thank everyone for their contribution to my problem and there is no need for this topic to go on since I solved the issue :grinning: (when I say solved I mean by buying a new pc :sweat_smile: )


I checked task manager, and I am using 95% of my memory running this game… WTF!!!

The game has memory leaks save and reload if it starts to take more then 2.6GB of ram.
I’ve gotten games with 40 hearthlings and massive castles 5story buildings and the memory usage is at 2GB on a fresh start.

Hey there @bobcards, welcome to the discourse! First, 95% of ??? is meaningless. How much (total) RAM do you have? Also, are you experiencing lag (as is the topic of this thread)? If so, can you post a few more PC stats, including your CPU, GPU and Windows version.

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I think the devs might’ve been a bit lenient with the “minimum” specs. 2 ghx RAM is what it said, and my computer is in between the recommended (4) and 2, so it should run decently, right?

Well, it ran decently and relatively lag-free for 10 hours, then just completely died. And that’s with almost minimum draw distance and all settings to the lowest they go. I really hope changing to 32 bit helps.

Changing to 32bit will not stop the game from crashing due to memory requirements, it will make them happen sooner.

I’m sure there are some memory leaks still active in the game and Tony still has some more optimizations to make so I’m sure this will keep improving.


Yep! In this evenings Stream @sdee mentioned that @albert was still working on hunting down the big memory leak in Alpha 13, so hopefully plugging that leak will help a ton!

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Hi there,

I am using Alpha version 20 already and the kids are also loving it, but we noticed that it becomes very laggy during the change of time in the game (when night time starts). We already started deleting the game logs that we have because I set it to automatically save the game and records are piling up that may be cause of the lag issues. I am already in Feastmun and I don’t want to reset the game just to fix the lagging issue, anyone that can give a good advise on this? Much appreciated…

I know that at night when all of the light sources become active my game lags horribly unless I greatly limit the number of lights in the settings. I have a pretty poor graphics card, but when I do lower the number my games usually run quite well.


If you’re using a desktop, your best chance is to upgrade. You can find really cheap and effective builds online, but it’s all up to your price-range.

Also, if you were to upload your latest save there’s a chance we could see something to provide more specific suggestions. Otherwise, lowering lights and shadows in settings is your best bet.

To upload a save, locate the folder in
C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Stonehearth\saved_games (assuming a default Steam install), zip the individual save’s folder (not the entire saved_games folder), and upload it. If the *.zip is less than 10 MB, feel free to upload it directly to the Discourse. If larger, please upload it to a cloud storage site like Dropbox, Google Drive, File Dropper, etc. and post the sharing link here.

Hey, i have big problems whit lag
Can you help me?

causes of lag
number of citizens, golems
number of enemy groups on the map
number of items on the map chests are your friend, bigger is better
number of pets and sheperd animals
certain mods/combination of mods

limitations of your hardware
other software running while the game is running

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Highly recommend to get the Extra Map Options from Steam Workshop and then when creating a new town make sure to set map size to small it can do wonders :slight_smile:

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Seconding what banto says, it can make a huge difference