How to deal with the trapper

the trapper is a controversial addition. I think i know how to deal with him without totally re-doing the code. Add a clock in the game , and add a code , like , after 15 minutes , the animals move to a new location, and term this “migration”. this way , the animals will move in herds and we will indefinitely find them. This way the trapper can be assigned to an area to hunt , and can lay actual traps for the animals and during specific seasons (when they add seasons) certain areas will have more wildlife and and certain areas will have less. we can then assign the trapper to a specific area , and when the animal will be moving through that area , he will trap them. What do you think ?
it would be helpful if a developer would respond.


I like the idea, however i think it will make the upcoming Hunter Class obsolete. One way it can work is to see the trapper as just a stepping stone in the beginning so one can set up shop. When one has a hunter the trappers will be there to tame sheep, cows and other passive animals. Since treating him as a hunter when one does have a hunter is madness.

The thing to remember about the trapper is that it is very much experimental, to quote @Tom we are “seeing the sausage being made”, these things are very much in flux and the team are seeing what they can do, how these things work, whether or not they do actually work, and what the response to them is.

In regards to your suggestion around the use of the trapper I’m unsure about what this would achieve overall, it sounds like you would need to have fixed migration paths and patterns which you as a player keep track of ensuring that you place traps in the best areas according to the season … it all sounds rather complicated. Perhaps I am misunderstanding?

Automating the trapper is not without it’s problems, but perhaps it is simply enough to designate an area/ animals in which the trapper can work and leave him to his thing?


G’evening, my personal opinion on the trapper is that I like the idea of a slightly less hands on approach. This is mostly because while it might be fun to run the trapper around manually, when more content and jobs are added, it could distract a person quite a bit from the rest of their striving town. One might find themselves lost in the woods searching for that cloth resource, panning back to the village to find it mostly in ashes by invading pirates. A set area option I feel like could be the best.

tossing in some feedback from the latest blog post:

I’m still quite torn with the Trapper–I’m in support of the option to control particular units, especially those involved with exploration, trade, and path-finding. While Stonehearth is very much intended as a city-builder game, these are the units that have to step out of the system created by the player’s settlement/city. Once enemy mobs are added, just being able to quickly select your trapper directly and moving him slightly away could mean the difference of keeping him alive or getting spotted by angry goblins and subsequently mauled.

There’s also those cases where you just simply want them to take a specific route, either because it’s easier to traverse or you have more units already there that make it safer. If the quickest way my unit can reach a peaceful, happy field full of flowers and bunnies happens to be some sort of Canyon of Doom, I want to make sure he’s taking the long way around. Waypoints could work, but sometimes you simply don’t expect something like that until the game’s pathfinding does it.

I would like a way to dismiss them out of “control mode” though. I was playing last night and, quite honestly, left my trapper starving out in a random field at least three or four times.

Why not have the trapper work like scouts do in many RTS games. They have the option to explore and work automatically or you can switch them to manual mode when you need them to do something more specific. This way you can have them exploring and trapping while you build your town then when you need something more specific you can take control to find it. That is my thoughts on it. Great game and looking forward to more stuff.