How do you make a wall with a gate?

I need some fortifications since attacks are becoming more often and I need the enemies to come from one side. I tried building a line of free standing walls, and now I’m confused how to add a gate to the wall. I tried putting a door but it did not work. any suggestion ?

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Are you trying to all the actual wooden/stone gates for fences to walls. If so you can not do that. Now there is a few things you can do. U can use the free standing walls then add a reg door or a double door.


You can use the slab tool and build walls too then add the door in a spot you want, just make sure you leave an area open for it. In this method you can even use a gate


for the first method you suggested, so I have to put the door when I’m designing the wall, not after the wall’s finished?

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yes, as always u put in door where u want it before u build it


my bad. thank you for your help.

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