How do I place doors?

So I’ve been having trouble placing doors anywhere. It won’t allow me to place them outside or inside of build mode, even if I have a wall and floor planned to be built around it. I’m simply wanting to place a reinforced door in front of my underground storage area in order to protect it from goblins and the like.

do you have a wall built where your trying to place it? unless it was recently changed, i dont think you can just place a door without a wall to put it in.

also, could you perhaps get a screenshot?

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I need a wall? ._.

Welp, guess I better mine out more of that storage so I can get a wall built.

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yes. unless it was changed recently, as i havent played 10.5 yet.

You can place a fence gate, it stops them as well

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Really? For some reason, whenever anything is near my fence gate in the sheep pen, it stays open. As in when the Shepard leaves, and a sheep happens to be right next to her, the gate stays open until the sheep moves away, which it almost never does. Plus the door would cover up the entire hole instead of just bottom bit.

Well i use stone fence gates and unsless they changed it, it should stop enemies. But a door does look better, but for those you really need a wall

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I see, I wish it could simply be placed like any old decoration, but oh well, I’ll be sure to remember to place a wall before a door.