How do you delete scaffolding?

So, my building is 99.99% complete. All that it’s missing is this one red block, that the hearthlings can’t reach to place. I can’t place ladders to reach this block because the scaffolding doesn’t allow me to.
I can select the ladders from the scaffolding and delete it with the destroy command, but the scaffolding can’t be selected, so it can’t be destroyed. The command destroy_scaffolding doesn’t do anything besides saying there’s a lua error or something like that.
So how can I place that one block? How can I place that one ladder so that one block becomes reachable?

one way I’ll sometimes provide access to a weird place is to build higher than it, and form a “ladder bridge” by placing ladders against ladders – they’ll automatically drop down until they hit something solid, so this can let you go “up and over” something that you can’t build up against.

In this case, though, I don’t think that block is actually the problem – it should have already been built before they put the roof on. I think the problem is that the hearthlings want to walk on top of that block to get somewhere/place something, and can’t access that space (since there’s not enough head-room with the roof in place.)

My advice:

  • check that there isn’t, like, a lamp or a chair or some other furniture ordered to be placed up there (it can happy “randomly” if you’re dragging furniture around and the game hitches e.g. autosave which causes you to “release” the hold on the item you’re dragging)
  • you could try /ib, see if there’s anything unusual about that area, and then demolish the building and try again… perhaps this time place a ladder manually before scaffolding is built there (the hearthlings will just scaffold around it)