Unreachable scaffolding ladder stops the building construction

When heartlings put a scaffolding ladder during construction but for some architectural reason aren’t able to reach it again to deconstruct it the building construction is stopped

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Build a custom house with stairs surrounded by walls
  2. Run the build and wait until it stucks

Expected Results:
I don’t know. Shouldn’t the ladder destroy by itself if it became unreachable ?

Actual Results:
Construction is stopped

When you destroy the building, the blocking ladder is not destroyed with the building. It sometimes float in the air.


Version Number and Mods in use:
Alpha 19

System Information:
AMD 64 8Go RAM

Did you get an error message or perhaps later in the game? This has happened before and usually is followed by an scaffolting related error. Are you using the stable alpha 19 or the latest alpha 19 unstable?

If you build a ladder to reach that unreachable ladder, they will resume / finish the building. Oh well, you said it was completely surrounded (be careful, that might trap hearthlings).

In the future there will be improvements for unreachability issues. I think right now it works for building, but not for scaffolding.


No there was no error message at all. I am using stable alpha 19 and not the latest alpha 19 unstable.

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