How do I grow daylily flowers in a planter?

I have a planter ready to go, and I have a daylily in my inventory. But there’s no option to grow daylily in the planter.

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It used to work like this, but a lot of people complained about needing the herbs/seeds, because sometimes you wouldn’t find enough or they would be used for something else first - and it was too difficult to get them - so the system was changed half a year ago to be more similar to the Farming system, where you unlock a certain herb and can always plant them, regardless of having herbs or not

To unlock new plants you need to craft a Herbalist Exploration Garden with your Herbalist and place it down. They’ll do the rest of the work :merry:
You can focus the search on native or exotic herbs. Native goes faster but only finds herbs from your own biome (very rarely finding a plant from another biome)
Exotic takes longer but can find and unlock any herb from any biome in the game

So I recommend going with native first just to unlock all the stuff around you - and then switch to exotic!