How can I mine just a few blocks from a building?

So my heartlings finished a building with 2 floors that are not access able(on purpose) and of course one of them got stuck in the top floor.
I can’t mine a few blocks to make an opening so what can I do to get him out before he dies?

you can use the console command TP to move him

Where can I check all the commands for stonehearth in the wiki? or some where in the forums

w/o console, sadly he’ll die if you don’t deconstruct your building

before building a second (3rd, 4th, so on…) floor, build a stair first using slabs then build a floor around it

yeah I wasn’t sure how to build stairs , btw how wide should the stairs be for heartling to fit in? 2x2?

Stonehearth Console Commands or (ctrl + C) when playing stonehearth then type help

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you can open the CTRL + C and then type help. it will list all the console commands

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1 block wide is enough and 2 blocks height but try 3 blocks for designing reasons :blush:

mhm should I use reset for the heartling that is stuck ?

yeah probably go for 3 its a big building :slight_smile:

Actually reset is just moving him around in the same floor he is stuck in :smiley:

Edit 2:
Using teleport after selecting the npc gives me a flag to choose where I want to teleport him so all is fine now thanks for helping.!

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just deconstruct your building, it will leave a scar on the ground but atleast he’ll not die.

btw, a 45 degree inclined stairs are always 7 blocks length to reach the upper floor

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Will start building stuff with stairs now .
so I saved my npc but he decide that sleeping is more important than food so he died :smiley: