How can I continue a campaign that now has new encounters?

I have modded a campaign, with a few encounters. I play through them all and save the game.

Then later I add new encounters, following after the last one. For a new save, that would play without any problems.

But for the old save, it will not. If I load it, it will not go to the next encounter, as there was none when the game was saved. What can I do to resume the campaign?

I’m ok with starting over if possible too.

Is there a way?


By renaming the campaign name (from gm_index) the game created a new one. That will do for now.

I wonder if there is a better way.

you could try the debug mod console to start the next encounter (to test)

Yes, but I’m planning this for the players.
Because I will not be able to release the entire campaign in the first version, so if a player has played it and then tries to continue the game in a new version of the mod with the rest of the campaign, the campaign starts stuck on the last part from the old version.

But that is ok, for now the campaign is really simple, just a few dialogues. :sweat_smile:

@BrunoSupremo you are amazing man! I was looking at possibly adding some stuff with campaign and wow… way over my head.