Hitting "escape" while the UI is toggled does weird things (see pic)

Toggling the UI, hitting esc to bring up the menu, then un-togglin the UI moves the menu over to the left.
Steps to reproduce:

  1. Hit Alt + Z to turn off the UI.
  2. Hit ESC to bring up the menu.
    3)Hit Alt + Z again to turn on the UI

Expected Results:
The menu would be in the proper location, the middle, even after turning the UI on and off,
Actual Results:
See picture
I don’t know who does the UI, so… @linda?

Version Number and Mods in use:
Version A15
Two mods that I am currently working on, they only add items though.
System Information:

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Confirm it on the latest stable A15. Forgot to report it.

Thanks for the bug report! A fix will be included in the next build.

While we’re on the UI here…


Any word on this?