Herbalist ideas + new class idea

Ok, once you get a clerk having a herbalist is useless well unless you mass make bandages to sell and even then it is mostly useless. you get more money from the random crafts of the carpenter.


the herbalist should not focus on “healling” but instead hearthling health. with several abilities to show it. including forced rest, improving meals and more potion types. this includes adding illnesses that effect hearthlings on a personal level, ranging from mood ruiners like colds to dangerous illnesses like goblen rot(ideas bellow)

craft ideas

healing bed: crafted by a level 0 herbalist this requires a mean bed, some cloth, and healing herbs. it is a bed with plants on the sides and a healing symbol on the covers. when a heartling is wounded or ill a herbalist will lead them to a healling bed and give potions or bandages as needed. a single herbalist can tend to two hearthlings at a time at level 0 and upto 4 at level 6. so having some beds made for this would be nice.

bonuses: healling beds will heal up to 100 health per day a hearthling is in it, that said a hearthling can not be assigned to a healling bed only a herbalist can do that.

other notes: hearthlings in healling beds will be completely tended to by the herbalist, this includes being brought food, and the aforementioned healing items.

“sink”: a small wood and stone sink that holds water, required for treating more dangerous illnesses. a herbalist will use it to wash there hands before treating the ill. having it also improves recovery time for ill hearthlings.

standard hearthlings will also use sinks to wash their hands before eating if one is near their food, this reduces their chance of getting ill from food by 90%. cooks will also use sinks before they cook resulting in a 95% drop in chances of food born illnesses. cooks over level 4 will demand sinks and be happier for having one near the cooking area.


info: these would be why you would keep a herbalist, as once you have a clerk the health part will be taken care of by the “church” bellow are common illnesses your hearthlings may contract.

minor illnesses

the flu
info: common illness, doesn’t require a herbalist to heal, but a herbalist will speed up recovery.
effect: hearthling is tried, and reduced happiness for upto 3 days.
herbalist heals: costs 4 herbs, reduces recovery from 3 days to 0.5 days.

pitted stomach
info: a food born illness, that causes hearthlings to always be hungry, doubles food intake even on glutton characters. not only that but do to over eating hearthlings may be slugish.
effect: slower move speed, and always hungry. lasts 2-3 days
herbalist heals: costs one healing potion. instantly recovers.

head flu
info: caused when one overworks themselves (your crafters will get this) head flu reduces ones ability to focus, doubling time it takes to craft things. thankfully it doesn’t last long and can be cured with out the bed.
effect: 2x longer craft time, slower haul speed for 1-2 days.
herbalist heals: costs one herb just gives to person effected instant heal.


food poisoning (there are several types but this is the base)
info: caused by eating raw foods for to long food poisoning will slowely drain a hearthlings health but will not kill them.
effect: health max halved, slower move speed, slower work speed. lasts 3-5 days
herbalist heals: bed for 2 days, giving 4 herbs a day and a potion with meals.
note: this is the first dangerous illness a town will come across though it can not kill not having a herbalist will cripple a town that doesn’t get a cook up as soon as possible.

Broken bone
info: caused by combat, or overworking in mining or chopping down trees. broken bones out right prevent a hearthling from doing their job.
effect: -1/4th max health, can’t do job. takes 1 week to heal.
herbalist heals: healling bed for 3 days, with healing potions given daily, and a stamina potion at the end.

goblin poison
info: caused by combat, goblin poison will constantly drain ones health in a way that a clerc can not heal. but it can not kill thankfully as goblins seem to more like wounding their enemies then killing.
effect: drains health down to 10 over time, lasts for 7-12 days, hearthling is tired all the time and will sleep a lot, they also will not eat.
herbalist heals: 20 herbs, healling bed for 6 days, 1 potion per day, and force feeds effected.


goblin rot
info: rarely a kobold may fire a poisoned arrow at your hearthlings. this may give kobold rot. the first leathal illness you may run into. this illness is so named because before the subject dies their skin tends to be around the color of a goblins. that and goblins say they can cure it with this strange green potion but no one has ever actually went through with the demands to buy one.

effect: drains health over time, can not be healed, can not do job, will die after 8 days.
herbalist heals: 5 days in healing bead, 20 herbs, one bandage, 2 healing potions per day, force fed.

poyo flu
info: one must not eat raw poyo. this illness while a leathal one is what happens when a low level cook cooks poyo, it may only happen a few times and not be a big threat but it is still dangerous.
effect: slugish, always tired, if not given a potion may die (1/4th chance) cures self after 5 days.
herbalist heals: one day in a healing bed, + a potion at the start.

info: when a hearthling does nothing but work for a while they will become exhausted, by default this just means they will slow down how much work they do and sleep more but it can and will get worse if a herbalist doesn’t stop them. stubborn and hot headed hearthlings are prone to this.
effects: slower work rate, sleeps more.
stage two effects: health drain, eats less, sleeps more
stage three effects: sleeps most of day doesn’t eat (will lead to death)
herbalist heals: forced bed rest in healing bed for day, fed food and herbs.
stage three heals: force fed, and forced to stay awake for a day, followed by a day in a healling bed.


info: these illnesses are jsut strange, while a low level herbalist may outright cure them, a higher level one may let them run their course to give some strange bonuses.

cultists curse
info: cultists are harmless though they tend to be prone to an illness called cultists curse, this will cause them to run off and try and build a stone bunny in the woods.
effect: steels stone to make a stone bunny some where in the woods, will not sleep until done.
herbalist heals(level 0-3): forced rest every night, stops cultist from building the stone bunny.
herbalist heals(level 4+): forced rest every night lets cultist build the stone bunny.
after effect: if the herbalist lets the cultist build the bunny the cultist will gain a buff which makes them faster moving and harder to hit in combat (and grants the green thumb trait if they do not have it). no one knows why the cultist become stronger after this illness runs its course but it is a worthy trade off none the less.

lycantrophic curse
info: not an illness per say, but it should be warned do not destroy the statuses of foxes in the woods, for one who does cureses themselves with the form of an anthropomorphic every night. during which they are aggressive and gluttons, stealling food and fighting any hostile that gets near.
effect: hearthling stops doing job at night, stops sleeping(though doesn’t get tired) and eats 2x their daily food during the night.

herbalist heals(level 0-5): forced into a healling bed for 4 days, given a healing potion every night, and herbs every morning, cures curse.
herbalist heals level 6: given an option to cure or hone, curing they will do the level 0-5 path for 2 days with a stamina potion at night instead of a healing one. hone they will not force anything but instead will give a healing and stamina potion to the cursed hearthling for 7 nights.

after effect: if honed, hearthling will no longer need to sleep, will do their job 2x better at night, and if a guard job will turn into their beast form in combat resulting in doubled attack rates and a healing regeneration.

if cured, the hearthling can not contract the curse again,l and is immune to poison based illnesses.

note: if choose to hone, the cursed hearthling may request to impart the curse on others, this includes the herbalist. you can deny these but it may be in interest to have a honed werefox guard force. note cultists who contract this curse can not be honed they can only be cured.


info: druids would be a herbalist that delves deep in the the nature of the land around them. while they can still cure illnesses to level, they also gain the ability to designate locations as nature plots (think parks), and craft more potions then a herbalist ever will in fact they can craft potions that your herbalists will use to speed up cures.

from these plots, animals and plants will arive at a pretty good rate, with a hunter near one of these plots catching mores, a farm near one growing more. and the druid harvesting “wild” plants with in the plot for unique

things that grow in the plots

note on plats: require a minimum of a 20x20 area. and a max of a 40x40 area (this is in total squares) unlike other plots these meld into each other allowing you to pain them in designs, though they will not activate until min size is meant. and larger areas are required for larger things.

rare herbs
looks: purple flowers, pitcher plants, large flower trees
harvested: every 3-4 days depending on plant all gives different drops but they all count as rare herbs for potions.

honey/sweet sap (honey in forest, sap in desert)
looks: jar of yellow liquid
harvested: from trees in the area, though rare.

poisoned herbs
looks: yellow tipped flowers, strange vines, fly trap heads.
harvested: every 2-6 days depending on type. (desert has faster growing poisons)

harvested: every day the druid will bring out upto 20 wood, of random types.

pelts and meat
harvested: every other day the druid will bring out pelts and meats.


druids can craft two sets of things combat potions/poisons, and war armor for pets in fact a druid will go around making sure that pets are well cared for and fed.

note: herbalists will use these to cure illnesses like standard ones with a few like the stone skin being used to instantly heal goblin rot.

combat potions/poisons
info: carried by footmen, knights, and rangers these give instant buffs/debuffs for a time.
footman: can hold 3
knight: can hold 5 can give to footmen and rangers
rangers: can hold 2 prefers poisons over potions.

combat healing potion
requires: 2 herbs , 1 rare herb
effect: heals 100 HP instantly.

blood poison
requires: 4 poisoned herbs
effect: next attack drains 10 HP per second for 5 seconds.

stone skin potion
requires: 10 herbs, 2 rare herbs, 1 stone.
effect: hearthling gains half their health as a “shield” for 1 hour. (this shield can not be healled and damage to it doesn’t hurt the hearthling)

rabbits foot potion
requires: one rabbit hide, 10 rare herbs
effect: drinker automatically dodges all ranged attacks and has a 50% chance to dodge melee attacks. lasts one hour

potion of faith
requires: healing potion, combat healing potion, 10 rare herbs
effect: fully heals the user and removes any negative combat effects that are on the hearthling before drinking and for 10 minutes after wards.


pet combat armor
craft: 2 leather, 1 iron
effect: +10 defense to pet +100 HP to pet
bonus: pet will fight in combat
ways pets fight
fox: melee bites,
racoon: flank attacks, may steal weapons and loot.
squirrel: throws nuts
rabbit: distraction runs away when attacked and tries to gain attention. (Hard to hit)

pet luxery cloths
info: given to pets of crafters. these increase the pets HP and the crafters happyness as their pet is being cared for.
craft: 4 cloth, 2 healing herbs (for color)


druids can craft pet food for hearthling pets bellow are the ideas.

vegetable chow
craft: 2 vegetables
pets: squirrel, racoon, rabbit (which pets will be happy for having it)

meat chow
craft: 1 jerky
pets: fox, racoon

luxury pet food
craft: one jerky, one vegetable soup
pets: all (increases happiness, and heals)


in their forest area, wolves may appear druids will try to tame. druids will used tamed wolves in combat and will send their wolves out with your guards (though the druid does not fight), one druid can have up to 4 wolves. and for these you can craft armors via the blacksmith, and weapons via the engineer.

wolf things

battle wolf armor
crafter: blacksmith 5
requires: 4 iron, 2 leather, 1 steel.
effect: +20 defense to wolf, +??? HP

wolf claws
crafer: blacksmith
requires: 1 iron
effect: +14 attack (can be used by footmen as well as a “punch” weapon)

wolf mounted turret
crafter: engineer level 6
requires: turret, 2 of each gear, and 2 iron.
effect: gives wolf a ranged attack which is independent targeting of what the wolf attacks.


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