Help with steam :o

Does anyone how to fix this error on steam?
Can’t start it cause the starting file is missing. Dont know how to reïnstall it from steam

verify cache from properties.

select game.
right click, select properties.
Should be in one of the tabs.
Verify cache/ game. Key word “verify”.

is one way. if that does not work, then reinstall game from same place. I think… about all I know off hand. :smiley:

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its under the “local files” tab, and its called “verify integrity of game cache” :slightly_smiling:

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otherwise let windows remove the game so you can reinstall it :slight_smile: good luck

deïnstall is with RMB i noticed. StopZilla checks the game as malware =/
Removed that program. Lets see if it works again.

Yup. Works fine now… Crappy program.