Help the crafters. Stockpile management, Hauling big loads


When getting to the later game play I would like some kind of mechanism to get workers to haul big load from one stockpile to another. I’m thinking of the e.g a mine fare away creates ore to the black smith. Right now I manage this by creating boxes at the mine once they are full move the to the blacksmith. This is for me way to micro.

I would like to setup a stockpile to be restocked. E.g at the black smith I create 3 crate (ore(even better would be if you could create more in finer detail), wood, coal) mark for restock. when half empty a task is created to fill it. A worker then looks to see if he can find what is missing, looking in other stockpiles not marked to be restocked, goes to get it and the restock the crate.

For this restocking task I would like to see the Hearthling use a wagon, backpack or maybe just a box that makes it possible to carry a large amount of material. Maybe you can’t use these vessels on ladders, make people build stairs, how many ladders have you climbed on the last week.

This mechanism could also be used on the output side of the crafters. e.g. the cook make pies, chicken feed, and flour. He does not care where it is going he just puts it in a stock pile right next to him where all processed food can go in to. Close to the dining area there is a jar with human food marked for restocking, next to the chicken pen there is a box marked for chicken feed and marked for restocking. Then a worker would be able to move the items.

Restocking of a stockpile might be divided into categories with priorities. Half empty stock when there is time an at least 5 units at a time. Down to 10%, stock now one unit is fine.

Thanks Peter


Hi peter,
I got a similar thought.
I asked about the idea of adding some domestic animals to a worker or farmer.
(see :


Maybe a way to transform some worker on “carrier” those would be responsible to manage the stock repartitions or gathering items.