Help needed: attach to bone problem

My druid has a little problem he can`t grab his staff in the middle and it is the wrong way round.
So my work_effect looks odd

how can i tell the game where to grab the staff, like the iron_pike.
The center of my .qb is at the middle of the staff so that shouldn`t be the problem.

I took the work_effect: saw from the carpenter

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I can’t see the staff clearly in the image, but if you copied the files from another weapon or tool, maybe the problem is the matrix name of the qb file. Wait, I’m wrong. It doesn’t matter in this case. Hmm… The center should be where the hand is going to grab it, did you made it correctly with the _equipped item?

BTW nice fountain there! I like the transition from blue to white :smiley:

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ah matrix name, never thought of that
going back to the blueprint section

wait for my first druid mod release i hope there will be more fun like the fountain for you

Sorry, I edited the above post.

yes the equipped_item .qb has its center just under the “head” of the staff

THANKS Relyss again, and again
sometimes i only need your little push to solve my problems

thats as far as i`am with modding the best it can be
it will get better if i enter the “create your own animations” phase and teach my little druid to wave his staff and his hands over his workbench when crafting

I set the ground level in my .qb wrong and had to save the staff upside down and that was all



:sweat_smile: Take as much time as you need, I don’t know when will they allow modders to add our own animations for the humans, right now it’s a bit hardcoded. I’ve seen it on their feature list, so devs are aware of this. But if you made the animations now, you’ll be ready to add them when the time comes.